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C.A.T.S. is an action-adventure stealth game were you will  become James Bones a skilled hacker in a top secret mission for the doggerment of Og Uniti.

In this secret mission you will have to steal the blueprints of a devastating nuclear weapon.

Those blueprints are hidden in the secret base of the Carpagon in the middle of the enemy territory, in GudCut.

To enter the  Carpagon you'll contact an insider, which will lend you inside the secret  base. From that point on you will be on your own.

Using the skills you learned during you training will be mandatory to get through the base without getting yourself caught.

The game itself is a satirical parody to classic special agent movies and games, and if you pay enough attention you'll be able to find a bunch of references in there!


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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CATS.exe 494 MB

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Great story, very original!! Plus, I am so here for the puns. Great job, you people, keep up the good work:)

PS: I would love to play from the perspective of a cat as well hahaha


Amazing game, love it! Keep working guys!


Well, i tried it out. its got good "Bones" lol sorry i love puns.

now for my review.

pros: great story, wonderful environment and fun weapons.

cons: Janky controls , over sensitive camera and lack of direction.

my suggestions: add in save points, adjust sensitivity, add enemy location on map and add controller support (if opssible) 

other then that i enjoyed it and look forward to seeing more.


The game is great and has really original and interesting mechanics, like the interaction with the cameras. It has a very good difficulty, because you always have to be careful but it's not unfair or frustrating. The design of the characters and its movements are also a good point.

Nevertheless, it also has some tiny problems or mistakes, but not really big stuff. For example, it would be great if the game had had more music and environment sounds, and also sometimes the interactions with the enemies are a little bit weird, but overall it's a really enjoyable game.